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Wesley Squid

This is the disastrous tale of an innocent squid named Wesley who found himself stuck in a minecart.

This is the disastrous adventure of WESLEY SQUID - the story of a squid stuck in a minecart.

Wesley Squid was developed in under 24 hours for the Miz Jam 1 and placed 68th out of 673 entries.

The aim of the game was to help Wesley escape the dungeon by navigating his minecart out with bouncy wheel physics, heavily inspired by Hill Climb Racing.

Core Mechanics:

The aim of the game is to progress from one checkpoint to another using a deliberately frustrating character controller. The physics based movement of the cart allows players to bounce and curve their way around the dungeon. As an addition to the standard gameplay, there are bounce pads and skeletons to defeat. WIth a rage game in mind, the level design included steep inclines and tricky to manouver areas built specifically to frustrate competative players. The fundamental flaw with this game is that it isn't as difficult as initially intended. Once you get a good feel for how the physics handle, you're able to complete the game without taking a hit. If I was to ever return to this title, I would expand upon the art pack to provide a more interesting world to explore and in turn, would allow for more unique solutions to Wesleys problem.


As a requirement for the game jam, every submission had to use the same art pack. The game was created using Kenney's 1-Bit pack ( which provides graphics for top-down and platformer styled games. To create Wesley Squid, I had combined the squid like character with a minecart graphic and then attached two physics controlled tyres (connected with a virtual spring) to the cart object itself.


Wesley squid woke up one morning and found himself stuck in a minecart. He needed to do everything in his power to get back home and found himself pushing through scary dungeons full of nasty skeletons. To find out if Wesley ever gets out of the minecart, you'll have escape for yourself to see the final story message.

Additional Details:
  • Release Date: Aug 20, 2020.

  • Project Type: Game Jam Submission.

  • Development Tools: Unity Game Engine, Visual Studio 2017 with C#.

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