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Navigate is a game about mastering control over a space ship

Navigate is challenging game about trying to control a rocket in outer space. The aim of this game is to survive as long as you can and collect as many coins/power ups as possible. This game was created in under 48 hours for the first VimJam and placed 49th out of 457 entries. While simple in design, Navigate is incredibly satisfying to play. As you control the floaty rocket through each level, there are hundreds of collectibles to obtain. In the near future I would love to transform this into a proper release with upgrades and possibly a mobile port too.

Core Mechanics:

The aim of the game is to navigate the rocket through each level and survive for as long as you can. As a part of the game jams theme, the game will send you back and forth. Each level will move in a set direction, changing dynamically each time you play. Each of the collectibles randomly change every time you play too, providing plenty of replayability. The rocket itself rotates to face the mouse and when the left mouse button is pressed, force is applied pushing the rocket forwards. If the rocket touches any of the walls, you lose. This simple gameplay loop allows each player to work on their navigating skills and collect power ups that improve their score without feeling like they're out of control the entire time. If i was to work on a similar project, I would definately increase the camera movement speed over time for a more engaging experience.


As the game jam didnt require the use of any assets, I designed the rockets and collectibles myself through using Aseprite. The level is made up of tilemaps with each coin being a randomly placed transform that adjusts to its surroundings. Combined with the post processing stack in Unity, I was able to modify the screen to appear curved and allowed the game to pop.

Additional Details:
  • Release Date: Sept 25, 2020.

  • Project Type: Game Jam Submission.

  • Development Tools: Unity Game Engine, Visual Studio 2017 with C#, Aseprite

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