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Crazy Tractor Mobile

My first commercial release on the Google Play Store - Crazy Tractor is a fast paced seagull-dodging racer about upgrading your vehicle and surviving as long as you can

Crazy Tractor is a fast-paced, seagull-dodging racer with the aim of surviving as long as you can. Race through an endless world on your tractor and collect different fruits and veggies to upgrade or purchase new vehicles.

With by-monthly updates, Crazy Tractor will have plenty of map variations to explore and fast paced challenges for each vehicle.


- Collect, upgrade and master 4 vehicle variations.

- Explore the first 3 infinite worlds and avoid

- Two enemy variations: Hunting Seagulls and the V Formation

- Day/Night cycle for added difficulty (Can be turned off)


- Multiple new maps with their own unique challenges

- Map Upgrades

- Speed Boosts

- Power Ups and more

- New power ups for each vehicle:

- Supersize (Invincible for short time)

- Bouncy Wheels (Jump over the seagulls and rivers)

- Super Speed (Move at double the speed and collect points for each hit enemy)

- Double Trouble (Double points and veggie pickup value)

- More vehicle customization

- Random Quests for extra money

- Starting round modifiers

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