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Crazy Tractor

Crazy Tractor is a seagull dodging racer with the aim of surviving for as long as possible

Crazy Tractor is a seagull dodging racer with the aim of surviving for as long as possible. Created as a part of my dissertation project, Crazy Tractor was the favourite out of the three, having the highest volume of playtesters and longest play-time per user. Crazy Tractor as a part of the dissertation project, was designed to introduce new features over time to prove that they can make any game fun to play. Wth the leaderboard and timer, this little racing game became one of my favourite projects to date.

Implemented Features:

Below you'll find a list of implemented features with a short description on how they worked in this game compared to Sewer Escape and Worried Walter.

  1. Post Processing - Adding visual flare to the project .

  2. Smooth Lerping - Adding a smoothing technique to the camera controller and allowed for additional customization in the settings menu. This features gives the players slightly more time to react to the danger.

  3. Screen Shake - Adding screen shake once you get hit by a seagull.

  4. Particle Effects - Adding more depth to the game with the addition of clouds and explosions.

  5. Object Flashing - Flashing the tractor for a set duration after hit.

  6. Squash and Stretch - Squashing the tractor on hit.

  7. Reactive Animaitons - Animating the seagulls to make them appear as if they're flying.


Crazy Tractor is simple in design, having only one simple goal: survive as long as you can. With this in mind, there are no power ups to help you, only your own skill. The tractor has been designed to be fast and responsive, allowing for some sweet drifts around the endless farmland. The only interaction the player can have is with the seagulls and houses, paired with the ability to jump over them. This jump ability allows the players to ignore the collisions and escape some very tricky situations. This game is being developed into a full scale Mobile release for android and will feature a wider list of abilities and collectibles.


Crazy Tractor was designed through Aseprite and includes an endless map. The endless map seamlessly moves the existing map (which is cut into a grid) to match the position of the player, creating the illusion that it goes on forever. The graphics themselves loop perfectly, allowing for a seamless gameplay experience. In the full mobile release, different maps and a larger scale will be the main selling point of the game.

Additional Details:
  • Creation Date: Apr 5, 2023

  • Project Type: Dissertation Project

  • Development Tools: Unity Game Engine, Visual Studio with C#, Aseprite

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